Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harvest Celebration

I am not a fan of can read my thoughts on the holiday here.  This year I consciously made choices to stay away from the scary, fear-filled side of the holiday and focus on the harvest/blessing side of it.  This way, my kids get to dress up and be cute, but I also get to teach them about blessings from God and the reality of evil in our world.  It's a work in progress to be sure, but I felt better about how we dealt with it this year than last.  One of my best friends gave up the whole halloween gig this year and had a family night complete with copious amounts of candy, games, and movies this year...I think she may be on to something!
Evelyn's school had a costume parade in the was pouring down rain, so they had to do it through the hallway of the school so it was a little cramped.  I always wondered how they kept 10 2-year olds in a line to go from place to place in the building!
Lilly working on sitting up (she's so close!)
Our little blessings...a butterfly and Tinkerbell
(pronounced TinkerBELL - with the accent on bell - by Evelyn)
I can't handle the cuteness!
This one slept most of the time...but woke up for a quick picture!
Little miss independent...
...until it's late and she's tired.
Good thing TinkerBELL's Daddy doesn't mind a face full of wings!
She was obsessed with wearing her TinkerBELL costume (and Lillian's butterfly costume) the next day!
Our little pumpkin.  
Dan told me it was a pretty lame design.  I like it.  Simple.

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