Sunday, October 13, 2013

Father-Daugher Dance 2013

Our old church did their Father-Daughter dance again this year, so Dan and Evelyn went.  Daddy's date did not take a nap this afternoon, though, so the night was not off to a great start.
"I don't want to curl my hair!"
This probably should have been an indicator of things to come...
Daddy makes everything better!
So do snacks...

Lilly and I stayed home and smiled at each other.
Dan said Evelyn was the ring-leader with the other girls - asking them to dance and swinging around!
Their professional shot at the dance
She lasted through dinner and about 45 minutes of the dance before she crashed hard (apparently, literally as well...she got swung a little too quickly by some bigger girls and hit the ground).  Needless to say, this girl slept well!

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