Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our Family of Four

And this post should probably be called, "all of the random things we have been doing while we're all home and adjusting to being a family of four."  Evelyn has been doing pretty well with Lillian.  She gets really alarmed when Lillian cries.  She will get a really concerned look on her face and say, "uh oh! Baby crying!  I'll get her!"  Lillian often cries out in her sleep, and Evelyn will look at us like, "isn't somebody going to get the baby?!"  She likes to sit really close to Lillian (translation: give us a heart attack because she nearly steps on Lillian's head), read to her, sing to her, and push her in her swing.  She definitely has a renewed interest in her babies and likes to mimic everything I do with Lillian.  If I bring Lillian into Evelyn's room in the morning or after a nap, Evelyn will get a huge smile on her face.  This morning, she laid down next to her and said, "I love you baby sister!"  Warmed this heart!

She has only had a few major day she scream-cried for about 30 minutes saying, "I want Mommy!" (I was home alone with her).  Another night she told us, "I want to go home!" (we were home...).  Mostly she wants to be held more often and is fussier than normal.  She also is fascinated with my chest and keeps pulling down my shirt to see what all the fuss is about in that area.  I am glad that we decided not to put her in a toddler bed yet.  I think we would be fighting some major battles of staying in bed if we did.  She already has become the streaker sleeper - thinking she needs to take her clothes off every day at nap time (and most days her diaper, too...awesome).  On the whole, though, the transition has been going relatively smoothly.  It helps that Lillian is a pretty chilled out kid!
Helping baby sister swing
Checking on her in her car seat
Tickling baby sister
Reading with Daddy
Holding Lillian
...the full video effect...
This is what happens when you go to the store with Daddy
Sisters holding hands
Bedtime reading with Mommy
We have received a lot of rain the last few weeks (thank the Lord!).  Dan took Evelyn outside to play in it one afternoon while he was still home from work.

Evelyn thinks it's a treat when Lillian wakes up after her and she gets to watch a movie so Mommy can feed Lillian
About 80% of the day, I can find Evelyn within 2 feet of Lillian...
We received flowers from both of our parents that came in small wagons - Evelyn now uses them to cart around her toys.
Lately, she has insisted on wearing her boots...all the time.
I think she misses cold weather like her Mom!
We went to one of the local bounce houses on Saturday morning - Evelyn is so fearless it's hilarious.  She's running around, climbing on everything with no fear whatsoever!
She also likes the music so she can get some moves on...
Part 2...
"so soft" (another phrase she uses around Lillian all the time)
Like my shoes, Mom?
Daddy reading to his girls
Love baby sister!
Evelyn has started doing this hilarious thing where she says, "hi, Evelyn" in a voice like she's trying to mimic someone else.  The first time she did it, she was playing with a finger puppet book we have, and she turned the little giraffe around and said, "hi, Evelyn" to herself.  I kind of caught it here...but I think you have to see it in person to appreciate the hilarity!
We have entered the dress up/jewelry wearing phase!
Evelyn loves sitting in Lillian's car seat
Evelyn has started making up games...this was one - throw the ball up the stairs and watch it bounce down.  Apparently hilarious to a 2 year old.
Kisses for baby sister

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  1. They are both so adorable! Lillian is going to be bigger than Evelyn in no time!