Monday, July 8, 2013

One Day to D-Day

My Mom got in on Sunday afternoon, and Amber was watching Evelyn for one more day on Monday, so my Mom and I decided to have a mother-daughter date.  We grabbed coffee, then headed to the spa for a morning of pampering.
It was fun to spend time with just her!  Our appointment ran a little long, so instead of the yummy lunch I had planned at Corner Bakery (ours just opened last week!), we settled for drive through at McDonalds because I had my last OB appointment about 20 minutes after we left the spa.

My appointment went well.  We mostly talked about what would happen tomorrow, then she checked me to see if I had started dilating and effacing yet.  I figured I would be lucky to be at 1-2cm...glory, hallelujah I was already at 5cm!! Halfway!  I had been having contractions for the last couple of weeks, but nothing consistent, so I didn't think much had been accomplished!

We had a low-key night at home, after my last supper of La Playa (my favorite Mexican restaurant here).  Evelyn wanted her nails painted like Grammie and Mommy, so Grammie helped her out while I was timing contractions.
From pretty much when Dr. Nowitzky checked me at my appointment, I had been having steady contractions.  Fortunately, I had some entertainment to distract me!

We are all set to go in early tomorrow to be induced, if we make it that far!

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