Monday, July 15, 2013

First Adjustment

We took Lillian in for her first chiropractic adjustment on Monday.  We are pretty big believers in the benefit of regular chiropractic care.  As a family, we started seeing Dr. Walker when I was pregnant, and could barely walk from sciatic pain, with Evelyn.  Since then we have seen a pretty marked decrease in the number of colds/sicknesses we have had.  Evelyn has been seeing him since she was born, and while she screamed her way through her first year of adjustments - now she's an old pro.
She usually hops up on the table and waits for him like this...
Lillian and Dr. Walker
First adjustment!
She barely acknowledged that anything was happening.  So far, in her first week of life, we can definitely see a difference in temperment between the two girls.  Lillian is pretty chill and laid back for the most part - she really only cries when she is hungry, and her cry is more of a cry out once or twice...wait...then try it again.  Evelyn was an all-out wailer and it didn't take much to hack her off!  It's funny to see their differences and similarities!

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