Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

We had a pretty low-key 4th of July this year.  Today was the first day in a week that Dan has felt halfway normal.  He's past the contagious stage, but his throat is still pretty sore and he's not eating much more than liquid or really soft things.  We had planned to go to our church's 4th of July party (which was going to be awesome, because not only was it a BBQ, it was out on someone's ranch where they were setting up a skeet shooting range - I had big plans to shoot my first real gun at 39 weeks pregnant!), but figured it would be better for Dan to have a low-key day to keep getting better so he could go to work tomorrow.  (How's that for a new job...take 3 sick days, get a holiday, work a day, get a weekend, work a day, be home with your wife, 2 year old, and newborn baby for a week...I say that lightly, because I know it's bothering him to have missed the first 3 days of a new job!)

We decided to go to the dollar theater this morning.  On Thursdays through the summer, they have kids movies for $1 (really? at the dollar theater...I'm tired).  Dan had taken Evelyn when I was in New Orleans, and I had taken her a couple of weeks ago, but we figured it would be fun to all go.  So we did that this morning. 
This was actually taken yesterday, but it's one of her cute 4th of July outfits, so I had to post it!
After naps all around, we set up her pool in the back yard.  Corpus Christi is under water restrictions, so we can only go all out with the sprinkler and everything one day a week.  Fortunately, Thursdays are our days.  So popcicles, pools, slides, and every kind of fun a 2 year old could ask for in a backyard was the plan.
Last year she had zero interest in popcicles...we seem to have turned that corner.

The best thing about popcicles outside in your swimsuit is you can rinse off in the pool!
 Dan set up her slide so she could slide into the pool...instant fun!
 And a little water basketball!
 Some more slide fun...

 I love this one!
 She has figured out how to turn on the out Daddy!
 She was laughing and chasing us both - I wish I could have gotten the first round on video, but I had the nice camera at the same time and was trying to keep it dry from the crazy water girl!
We watched some fireworks on TV, then were able to see several from our windows upstairs so Evelyn could watch.  She kept saying, "Firecrackers, where are you?" and "I see those crackers!"  It was cute.  She's always liked fireworks when we have seen them at Hooks games - hopefully we can get to another one of those this year so she can see them again.  All in all, a very relaxing 4th of July.  Just what the doctor ordered!

T-minus 5 days(ish)...yay.

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