Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun with Grammie & Grandad

Lots of pictures of the kids with my Mom and Dad...my Dad flew in on Saturday and spent a few days here before they both flew back to Colorado on Tuesday.
My Mom is shopping for a new car, so we went to look at some with her on Sunday when the salesmen aren't around.
Evelyn started copying us and putting her hands up to her eyes to look into the window...it was cute!
Yep - she's ornery.
Yay - bubbles!
Because sometimes you just want to ride in your shopping cart...
Coloring with Grammie
My Dad had quite the time getting here.  He realized, as he was walking through security in Denver, that he left his phone in the cup holder of his pickup at the airport.  He called my Mom from a pay phone (those still exist?) to let us know.  I checked on his flights as he should have been boarding in Dallas and saw that his flight from Denver was severely delayed.  Like, he was going to have 5-10 minutes to deplane, change terminals in a major airport, and board, delayed.  He borrowed the lady in the seat next to him's cell phone to call when they landed in Dallas, so we knew he had about 10 minutes to make his next flight (which was showing on time online).  He said he did the airport run and made it (we figured when we hadn't heard from him 10 minutes after the flight left, he must have made it!).
Lillian meeting Grandad
My Mom brought a plant from my Grandma's funeral for us to have, but it was in a coffee can so we needed to re-pot it. 
Evelyn thought the new pot made for a good hat
Chef Evelyn was in charge of dinner this night
Lillian had her days and nights mixed up for a couple nights, so Daddy and Grandad were on 'try to keep her awake for 15 minutes' duty
Grammie and Lillian
This is my Dad's attempt at being funny.  He has nicknamed Lillian, Sid (it's a long story...one that I don't fully understand...but it has something to do with lillies of the field and Sidney Poitier, followed by some made up baseball player named Sidd Finch - look it up, Sports Illustrated on April 1, 1985).  
He thought he needed to put her nickname on the wall in her nursery.
Grammie enjoyed her nightly snuggles with Lillian while watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel
Grammie with numbers 8 and 10
Grammie had to wrestle Evelyn down to get a picture with her (stinker!)
Hi Grandad!
There are few things more fun than a tunnel with your Grandad on the other side!
We are so thankful for the blessing of having them here!  Being able to leave Evelyn at our house with my Mom so she could be in her normal environment was helpful for the beginning of this transition.  We were only gone for Tuesday and part of Wednesday, but I think it made things easier on Evelyn.  My Mom spent most of the week cooking tons of freezer meals and making sure we were fed.  Dan took the first week off as well, so he was a tremendous help with Evelyn, leaving me to focus on Lillian and resting.  My Dad made it through a trip without getting assigned a project...sort of.  He did remove the curtain and grate from our fireplace, and clean it out.  I didn't technically ask him to do it, I just asked if it could be done! :-)  We have never used it in the 5 years we have lived here (and really, the coldest it's been in those 5 years is about 30 degrees - for 3 minutes overnight once), so I wanted to utilize the space to keep toys in.  Our living room is not very big, and is being overrun with toys and baby gear, so that space is useful!  I ended up lining the bottom of it with a rubber mat liner and the walls with black fabric to keep any remaining soot out of the toys (because the owners before us did use the fireplace).  It's worked pretty well so far - we can actually see the floor when we put toys away at night! 

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