Saturday, June 22, 2013

Picnic at the Beach

With Little Miss #2 on her way any day, and one of my classes not making this summer, we're a little tight on cash right now, so we've been looking for cheap things to do! On Saturday night, we decided to head out to the beach and have a picnic.  We are terrible beach-living parents...the only time Evelyn has been to the beach is when we went to Hawaii last year.  Seriously.  We have got to get out there more often because she LOVES it!  Here are some pictures of our fun!
When we got out of the car, she immediately ran for the water (oh dear!)
She has been on a big sunglasses kick - so she wants to wear these all the time
Mixed with the beach shoes from Grammie...I can't handle the cuteness!
(nevermind the white whale legs in the background!)
She hasn't quite figured out that this isn't the baby pool - and the waves will knock her down if she's not holding onto one of us!
Daddy and Evelyn catching some waves
She kept saying, "Look at that!"
These next several are my favorites...the sheer joy on her face as the waves came in is priceless!

Then we played in the sand for a while (or...Daddy and Evelyn did while Mommy sat on the cooler because getting down onto sand-level meant having to get back up and that's just too much energy right now...)

Daddy taught her how to make butterflies in the sand with her toys

Admiring her work
Dan is thrilled to finally have someone to play with when we go to the beach.  I'm a 'sit in my chair and read' kind of beach he always gets bored with me.

All-in-all a great night!  Waiting until later in the afternoon/evening made it not so hot as well, so that helped!  Hooray for family picnics on the beach!

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