Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Biophysical Profile #1

I had my first weekly test/check-up today.  Fortunately baby was in a good mood and wasn't sleeping, so the ultrasound part went fairly quickly.  Our littlest princess scored 8/8 on her first test!  My OB only does the nonstress test if you fail one of the first four markers (each worth 2 points), so we didn't have to do anything more.  We didn't measure this week, but will next week - so we'll see how much she's grown in those two weeks.  I think if she can stay underneath a pound over two week periods, I should be able to still deliver vaginally, so we'll see!  The best part of these tests is getting to see her every week!
She looks pretty cozy (and perfect) to me!
My glucose readings have been much better in the past 2 weeks since I started the Glyburide.  I also learned that the Glyburide isn't a synthetic insulin, it is a drug that helps your pancreas produce more insulin naturally.  As with any synthetic insulin treatment, there is a risk for the baby to be hypoglycemic at birth, but we are declaring perfect health and no ill-side effects for me or the baby!

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  1. Of course your baby is an overachiever already!!! I hope she continues to be through the rest of your pregnancy and through life! Hang in there P, I know you are probably miserable at this point. And thanks for all the updates