Sunday, June 16, 2013

NOLA and Father's Day

I had to fly to New Orleans for 3 days for my main professional conference.  Our nanny was away at youth camp (her husband is a youth pastor), so Dan took two sick days and played Daddy Day Care.  He had some packed days planned for them, and took lots of pictures so Mommy wouldn't miss them (yeah, right!).  The funny thing is, I was away in the Big Easy and I took zero pictures!  It was good to reconnect with some friends from both Purdue and Northern Colorado, and my presentations went well.  But I missed being home with Evelyn and Dan!  Here are some pictures from their adventures...
On Thursday, they went to see "Cloudy, with a Chance of Meatballs" at the dollar theatre.
Evelyn pretty much loved it - especially the popcorn!
Thursday afternoon they went to the aquarium.  Since we are members, we can go to the "big sandbox" and the splash park for free - which is always nice!
She loves this turtle...and drinking from it like a drinking fountain (sick.)
 The turtle bucked her off, but she kept can see her shiner coming through on this video
She also loves all of the spray fountains
I love this picture that he got!
He sent me this text that might be my favorite text ever...
 Friday morning they got ready to go to Brinca! (the indoor bounce house here)
This bead maze is always an attention grabber for her!
 She's gotten to the point of going down the slides by big!
Some more yee haw-ing
(I can take zero responsibility for her hair this day...nice and crazy!)
Then they went to get ice cream
(good timing, since Mommy can't have it right now!)
Is there something on my face?
He also caught this prayer on video...proud Mommy moment to hear her praying for me and the Broncos :-)
 I was greeted at the airport by this sweet face - ahhh...missed her so much
(and her Daddy)
The three days that I was gone were the three leading up to Father's Day...and Dan pretty much did all of his favorite things to do with Evelyn in those three days.  So we didn't have any big plans for Father's Day on Sunday.
I told him he could choose whatever restaurant he wanted to go to, and we'd at least have a nice dinner!
Instead, he chose going to a Hooks game (our minor league baseball team).  It ended up being a great idea because the breeze off the bay cooled it down quite a bit.
Evelyn got her first foul ball!
(the short stop from the opposing team handed it to her...she sat like this for a while trying to figure it out, then was saying, "thank you much!" was cute!)
Taking in the sights at the game
(she was dancing to all of the songs, but shortly after this, the usher made us move her)
Not our best family picture...but hey, it's Father's Day!
Happy Father's Day, Dan...we love you and are thankful to get to call you ours! 

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