Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Biophysical Profile #3

I had this week's BPP today and all still looks good!  This week isn't a measure week, so I don't have any updates on how much bigger she's gotten.  She scored an 8/8 again on the profile, though, so she is still doing just fine in there!  I'll go back next week - back to my Monday appointments since my OB will be back.  It will be a measure week, too, so hopefully she'll still in the 7 pound range.  That will keep her on track to stay under the 9 pound limit my OB would like to see in order to let me deliver with no cesarean.

I'm planning for a July 2nd eviction notice (although Grammie is hoping for closer to the 9th so it's easier for her to leave the lumber yard to be here).  I will be 38 weeks that day.  Dan starts his new position at A&M-Kingsville on July 1st, so that will get him in to get all of the HR stuff done, but not quite be bombarded with work while he's out for a week on paternity leave.  We'll see what the little one decides to do!

I'm ready.  It's stinkin' hot.  We've officially entered the 'how many days in a row can we have temps over 100* time'.  Good times...

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