Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy NBA Draft Day!

The day of the NBA Draft is pretty much a holiday in our house.  Dan looks forward to it every year, and I enjoy reminding him (every year) that it's the anniversary of our first fight ever.  *grin*

The year that Evelyn was born, I started taking pictures of her with a basketball to show how she's grown over the years. 
Here she is at 1 month (left) and 1 year (right)
And at 2 years tonight...
It's amazing to me how she still seems so little to us (especially when you put her up next to other 2 year olds!), but she has grown so much since last year!

Some other pictures from the basketball shoot today...
 So #2 doesn't feel left she is at T-minus 12 days
(good grief my belly is huge!)
 Evelyn and baby sister with the basketball

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  1. Wow! She looks so grown up in this years picture! I can't believe how little she looked in the one year pic!