Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was relatively low key here...which is exactly what I wanted!  After the stress of our traveling and the funeral last week, I told Dan I just wanted a relaxing day with my little girl!

I was treated to breakfast in bed with this sweet little...
Who then decided to put on a fashion show while I finished eating...
We went to church that morning and had naps in the afternoon, then just played at the house in the evening after dinner at Johnny Carinos. 

Evelyn has started taking an interest in my exercising, something I hope she learns at an early age.  I have a prenatal DVD that is basically low-impact, resistance band based exercise and she loves to get her own band and mimic what I am doing.  I love it!  She'll sit and say, "Mommy...exercise."  I have been trying to do this DVD, walk, or swim most days of the week - especially with the second bout of gestational diabetes with this baby (I was expecting it - there's like an 80-something percent reincidence rate - if you have it with your first, you'll have it in subsequent pregnancies). 
All in all a very relaxing, low-key, refreshing Mother's Day - just what Mommy ordered!

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