Friday, May 31, 2013

May Random Pictures

This is her fake sleeping pose..whenever we tell her it's time for night-night, she does this
I bought a giant package of paper towels (the giant pack was only $2 more, for twice as many rolls, as the normal pack) - Evelyn has since used them as her little step stool
We're full on into the sticker phase
Hey guys, can we go to Hawaii again this year?
Checking out some cars...
One of her favorite things - playing her piano and singing
(sounds like someone I used to know...)
Just waiting for you to get ready, Mom!
Listening to some tunes...
What, Mom?  I'm driving...
When we walk to get the mail, she always insists on trying the key in every lock she can reach
Bedtime stories in her new room
(yes...I am officially a whale)

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