Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Party for a Princess

My Mom and Dad flew down the day after Evelyn's actual birthday for her party that weekend.  In preparation for their arrival, we got the house cleaned up (it desperately needed it...and this pretty much kick-started the nesting stage for me!).
Evelyn helped Daddy vacuum the stairs...
And helped Mommy dust.
On Thursday, after her nap, Evelyn and I went to the airport to pick up Grammie and Grandad.  Since she had just seen them the week before in Colorado, she was pretty excited to see them again. 
Watching for Grammie and Grandad
Grandad always finds fun things to do with littles
(and wears that Notre Dame shirt just to get a rise out of me!)
After dinner we came home to open Evelyn's birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa (Dan's parents).  It had come in the mail earlier that day, but we waited for Dan to be home for her to open it. 
She was a big fan of the bubble blower they gave her (still is!)
Usually when my parents come down, I have a list of projects for my Dad to do while he is here.  Knowing the last few weeks he had been through (the chainsaw accident, followed closely by his mother's death), I figured he would like to just relax.  I forgot, this was my Dad we were talking about..he can't sit idle (I wonder where I get it from!).  He was literally going around the house finding things to fix.  The good news was we got our dishwasher bracket, doorbell, two faucets, and some wiring in our guest bathroom fixed.  Thanks, Grandad!

Evelyn's party was Saturday afternoon.  Sofia the First on Disney Junior is one of Evelyn's favorite shows, so we had a princess themed party for her.  Because Sofia the First is a new show, there wasn't really any party things like plates or decorations, so I pretty much stuck to a generic princess theme (lots of pink and purple, though!).  Here are some pictures of the afternoon (just for you, Em and Nicole!).
These were some of the decorations I had...I chose a picture from each month of the past year and added a promise to us being daughters of the King with a correlating Bible verse.
A closer look at one of them

One picture before the party started 
(it's fuzzy because we live in dumb south Texas where you have to wait for an hour to use your camera outside because it's so humid)
Playing in her sand/water table
(this quickly became a mud table when some of the older kids got to the party)
 Playing with one of her best friends, Isaiah
(it cracks me up because they are actually a year apart in age, but pretty much the same size!)
 I was surprised how long she left this tiara on!
This is the first picture of my Mom, Evelyn, and I that we have ever taken...seriously?
Dan - the grillmaster
Having some dinner
 Time for some cake!
 And ice cream!

 And now to open presents...she loves this trike from Grammie and Grandad
(and will hopefully be able to reach the pedals in a month or two!)

Having some tea with her new tea set that goes in the bath with her
Such a fun afternoon celebrating our little princess!  Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!

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