Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fairly low-key Memorial Day.  I have entered into full-blown nesting mode, so I took advantage of Dan being home to entertain Evelyn so that I could get the nursery ready.  We aren't really changing anything in it, it's more getting things put together that have been stored in the attic.  I also wanted to shampoo the carpet in there so she has a nice, clean room.

We did make time for some fun things.  We planned to take Evelyn to the splash park/zero-depth pool that we found last year on Saturday.  There were some thunderstorms that pushed through in the morning, but it looked like it would just be cloudy but storm-free when the pool opened at noon.

Not so much...of course we talked about swimming the entire way there in the car, then as soon as we got out we heard thunder.  Evelyn was so confused, poor girl!
This was her in the car after we got back in...she kept saying, "swimming?" and looking out the window.  Broke my heart.
We had plans that night to attend a going away party for our friends, David and Leah.  They are a navy family who we have known for about 3 years who are moving to Virginia in June.  Their son, Isaiah, is about a year younger than Evelyn and one of her favorite people.  She often imaginary plays with him when we are at home (Isaiah has been known to be put in time out a time or two).
Here they are sitting at the kiddo-sized table
On Monday, we played around the house for most of the morning with plans to go try the splash park again at noon.  We moved some of Evelyn's toys outside (those that were taking up way too much space, and could be outside). 
Dan was putting sand in the base of the basketball goal to keep it on the ground (both from Evelyn's mad dunking skills and the wind), Evelyn thought she needed to provide some assistance.
Fortunately the splash park was open today - it was so much fun watching her play this year.  We found this pool at the end of the summer last year, so she only got to go a few times.  She had only been walking for about 2 months at that time, so she was still pretty unsteady getting around.  This year, though, she was all over the place - from the splash pad to the pool and back.  When she figured out that she could still walk in the water when it was up to her chest, she thought she was pretty neat stuff (until she lost her footing for the first time!).  Dan and I love all of the nooks that this pool has that let her jump in and be able to stand/walk.  It's fun to watch her try to be independent. 
She was all over the place for almost an hour, we were sure she'd have a good nap before we planned to head over to David and Leah's to hang with them one last time.  Not so much - it was a no nap day.  We just headed over to David and Leah's early and let the kiddos swim (it was a weekend full of swimming).
Evelyn (with her never healing toddler knees and shins) and Isaiah swimming
They were back and forth between the pool and the play set - it's so funny to me to see them together, pretty much the same size, but a year apart in age. 
This picture cracks me up - believe it or not, Evelyn did not push him down the slide.
Isaiah creeped up the slide from the bottom this way.
All in all a good Memorial Day.  Thanks to all who serve and who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  It was bittersweet to celebrate with David and Leah as they were living out this life of service to our country.  We'll miss you guys!

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