Friday, May 24, 2013

Evelyn's New Room

We have started getting ready for #2's arrival.  We wanted to wait until after Evelyn's birthday so that my Mom and Dad could still stay in our guest room on a normal bed.  Slowly over the next week, we got her new room (the guest room) ready.

I wanted to keep the queen mattress we have in there so that when people do come, if they want to stay with us we can just move it into our loft (which is next to this room).  Evelyn has a pop-up castle that we have had downstairs since she got it for Christmas, so we decided to do a princess theme in her room.  I found some bedding (for a twin bed), and was hopeful that with the colors in it, I would not have to repaint that room.  Our plan is that once #2 is out of a crib, we'll put them both in the same room and make that back into a guest/play room.  Fortunately it matched, so the room transformation was much quicker than it could have been!  We bought a toddler daybed/crib off Craigs List a few months ago, and had planned to set it up as a daybed for Evelyn and just put one of those bumpers on the side to help keep her from rolling out.  At her 2-year well-check, her pediatrician convinced me to go ahead and keep her in the crib (especially since we could).  Her reasoning was that Evelyn will go through some regression when the new baby comes, and we won't want to have to be fighting her to stay in bed while adjusting to a second child.  So, we decided to go ahead and set up the crib, and a few months after the baby comes, we'll convert it to the daybed.
Dan surprised me one morning by getting up early to put the crib together.  Love that boy.
He had a little helper, as well.
Her favorite thing was to put the screws in the holes for Daddy
We let her come in at first, so she saw the queen mattress on the floor and the crib.  
Once I started really decorating, I kept the door shut so it would be a surprise for her.
Here are some pictures of the final set-up...once she gets a little older (and won't pull it out of the ceiling), we'll probably take down the castle and just have the hanging hideaway
My Dad made me this dressing table when I was in High School, I love that now my daughters will use it!
Got the idea for these from my sister...thanks Aug!
The day we showed it to her (also the first day she napped in there), Dan caught her reaction on video...priceless!
So far it's been a pretty good transition.  Hopefully that will continue!  She refers to it as "new room" and still goes into the nursery when we tell her to go to Evelyn's room.  I'm sure as I start to get things set up in there, she'll start to figure it out (I hope...and not get jealous!).

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