Monday, June 18, 2012

Hawaii: Dole, a Doctor, and Dinner with Friends

We started off Wednesday with some swimming at the hotel.  Evelyn really loves the water, and this pool was perfect for her because there were 3-4 steps leading down into the pool from the shallow end.  She walked along that top step for about 30 minutes just splashing and playing.  It was fun to watch!
After swimming, we planned to drive up to the Dole Plantation for some yummy pineapple.  Knowing it was about an hour drive, we decided to let Evelyn nap in the car on the way.  We took the Pali Hiway again so that I could get some pictures.  Unfortunately, it was rainy and foggy so the pictures aren't the greatest...but there were some cool pictures with the mountains/trees and the clouds hanging down!
Evelyn napped the whole way up to the Dole Plantation - and Dan struggled to swallow anything.  He had been battling a sore throat for the last few days, and it seemed to be the worst yet on Wednesday.  I kept promising him that the Dole Whip (basically pineapple ice cream) was worth it and would feel amazing on his throat.  
Stylin' in her shades - getting ready to ride the Pineapple Express
On board the Pineapple Express - a train ride around the plantation showing you different crops on the North Shore and lots of pineapple
Evelyn had her hands in the air like she was on a roller coaster...she likes to feel wind.
About halfway through the ride, she found two young girls behind us - and laughed at/with them for the rest of the trip
She loved this...she was laughing, trying to figure out why Daddy was putting her head in the circle.
I drove back to Waikiki from the Dole Plantation and took the long way along the famous North Shore.  We drove past Waimea Bay (where my sister and brother-and-law and I almost died, seriously, trying to body board) and the house where my family stayed when we came in 2003.  Dan and Evelyn both slept most of this drive home.  I was bummed that Dan missed it because he mostly only experienced the tourist-y part of Hawaii - Waikiki Beach.  Which, is still awesome...but I just LOVE the more northern part of the island.  It's so much more laid back and times, I felt like Waikiki was like a mini Vegas.  Had they not been asleep, I might have turned into the estate we stayed at - just to pretend I was making a wrong turn to see if it still looked the same.  It was fun to drive around there, though, because that's what I mostly remember about my trip with my family.

When we got back to the hotel, Dan's throat was still pretty bad.  I remembered reading that there was a doctor on call in our hotel 24 hours a day, so we called the front desk for more information.  It turns out it was in another hotel nearby, but completely covered by our insurance, so all we had to pay was our co-pay.  They also had a pharmacy on-site so we didn't have to worry about finding one.  Evelyn and I waited with Dan for about 5 minutes until I saw 2-3 people come in/out with masks on.  I decided we didn't need us getting sick, so she and I went to talk around/window shop.  
This was her telling Daddy to feel better before we left!
Fortunately, Dan's visit only took about an hour of waiting (you never know with the urgent care type of places!).  The doctor prescribed him some medications and told him he would be feeling better overnight.  (He did...though wasn't completely pain-free in the throat until our trip was almost over!)  

We then met up with my friend, Megan, and her husband, Vince.  Megan was one of my professors at Northern Colorado and was a major inspiration to me in deciding I wanted to get my PhD and become a college professor.  We have stayed connected over the years, more personally than professionally, so she's definitely a good friend now!  The last time we saw each other was at NASPSPA (the conference we were in Hawaii for) in 2007 when it was in San Diego.  Dan and I were engaged then, so she hadn't met him (or Evelyn) yet.  It was so much fun catching up with them.  Dan and Vince enjoyed meeting and having someone to talk to while Megan and I talked "shop".  Evelyn loved meeting new people and playing with Megan's bracelets and necklaces...fortunately Vince and Megan have two adorable boys of their own, so they are used to kids!

After dinner, it was home for bedtime.  Another late night for a little...but she takes her oral hygiene we got our teeth brushed before bed!

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