Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hawaii: Conference Talk and Yummy Dinner

On Friday, I had to give my talk at the conference I was attending.  I was pretty nervous about it because this was the first research project that I came up with entirely on my own and I was giving a presentation about it in a symposium with my former advisor.  Fortunately it went really well and I received a lot of good feedback about both the presentation and the project.
Here we are after our presentation
My former advisor is on the far right...the other two are others in my field who study in the same area.
After my presentation, I was greeted by my sweet baby girl and husband.  Dan had taken her swimming during my session, and the pool was right outside our main meeting rooms.  There's nothing like that sight to make you not worry about your job! 

Dan took her up for a nap while I had some more sessions to attend, then we met up for lunch at a place called Lulu's.  I had gone here on Tuesday night with the Purdue crew for the post-limo proposal celebration and really liked the food I got, so I wanted to take Dan there.  It was tasty, again! This was our view while we ate!
I had a couple more sessions to attend while Dan watched the Celtics-Heat game (at 2 in the afternoon in Hawaii!) and Evelyn napped.  After that we found the major shopping mall in Honolulu, Ala Moana, and walked around there for a bit before and after dinner.  We found a yummy Italian restaurant for dinner, Evelyn loved it - she has had pretty monotonous lunches and dinners throughout the week, so she really loved the pasta!
If the sauce all over her face is any indication...she loved it!

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