Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hawaii: Beach and Banquet

We got up to go to breakfast on Saturday, and met two of my friends from Purdue in the elevator.  We ended up tagging along with them to find a place, and found one not too far from our hotel. 
Evelyn figured out that she likes French toast on this trip, and today decided she wanted the whole piece to herself...
After breakfast, we wanted to take Evelyn to the beach again since it was our last full day in Hawaii.  Our hotel was literally across the street from Waikiki beach, so we headed over there.  We had to dodge a parade to get across the street - which she loved watching the bands go by, but wasn't too thrilled with anything else!
Toes in the sand...
General beach fun pictures...
This picture was actually an accident...I didn't mean to hit the button...but it turned out kind of cool!
And some videos of her beach time...
After the beach, I had to get ready to attend a few last day sessions - so Dan and Evelyn played in the room and took naps.
Evelyn also found the toilet paper roll while Daddy was showering...
I LOVE plumeria flowers...wish we had them in our yard!
The last day of the conference, there is always a banquet.  Megan and I (and others from UNC) always laugh that it's like a wedding without the wedding.  Everyone gets dressed up (some more so than others...), there is usually some sort of entertainment, generally tasty food, and dancing.  It's odd, but tradition.  We sat with Vince and Megan (the same couple we had dinner with on Wednesday evening).  This year, since we were in Hawaii, they had a Hawaiian drum line come perform - it was pretty cool - Evelyn loved it.  Dan took her closer to see and she was dancing around the entire time.
Vince, Megan, me, Evelyn, and Dan
After dinner, Dan took Evelyn up to start getting her settled down and ready for bed while I went to say goodbye to some of my colleagues and friends.  Here are some pictures from that time...
These are all friends from when I was at Purdue...the middle four are all graduated and spread across the country in various kinesiology positions.
This is everyone who either currently is, or has been, affiliated with the sport psychology program at Purdue (since Al has been there).
And these are all of Al's current and former doctoral students (minus one who wasn't there).
So long, NASPSPA.  We'll see you in New Orleans next year!

After the banquet and goodbyes, I got up to the room in time to help put Evelyn down to sleep.  I then went to check us in for our flight and found that they had bumped us from our purchased seats (on the bulkhead, so we could have a bassinet).  I spend almost 2 hours on the phone with United trying to get an answer as to why this happened.  We paid extra for those seats, and the best excuse they could give me was, "the system messed up."  I was less than pleased.  The lady ended up lying to me and telling me that she put me in seats that would hold a bassinet (which I knew wasn't true because I was looking at the seat map as I was talking to her) and that we should take with the gate agent when we checked in.  United Airlines, big fat liars.

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