Friday, September 26, 2014

Urology Labs

Today, Evelyn had her labs for her urinary reflux.  We haven't had to see her urologist for a year and a half, and the last time we saw him she had not yet been diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency.  When she was originally diagnosed with the urinary reflux he told us that about 70% of kids will grow out of it with time, so I was curious to see if being on the growth hormone therapy would be helping her to grow out of it.  We don't actually see him until next month, but we got the yucky labs out of the way today!
Getting ready for her ultrasound
She actually thought this was pretty cool (we had a really great ultrasound tech)
Next is the not so fun one, where they have to cath her and inject a dye into her bladder to see if she is still refluxing.  They take a video x-ray during the entire process to watch how the dye moves in her system.  I will say that it is 150% easier now that she is potty trained.  She cried when they cathed her, but then was pretty distracted with an iPad so they could get the x-rays and after we told her to go potty, it was done.  Last time, I had to sit out in the hall because I was pregnant with Lillian, and the test alone lasted almost an hour.  Today, we were in and out in less than 30 minutes - which included all of the set up/clean up.  The actual test was probably less than 10 minutes.  Thankful for that!
Evelyn and I in our x-ray gear!
She wanted chicken nuggets for lunch, so we went to Chick Fil'a to reward our good little patient!
We won't have official word of the results until we meet with Dr. Smith-Harrison in a few weeks.  The radiologist did give us some indication that the reflux is still present, so it sounds like it hasn't completely resolved yet.  We'll know more on the 13th!

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