Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rainy Day Fun

We have had several rainy days over the last few weeks, but Dan is usually at work so he doesn't get to take advantage of the snuggles and playing in the rain.  But today, he was home and got to have some fun with the girls.
Evelyn has created this "game" - where you take a coaster and a marker/pen and tap the marker on the coaster.  She had Daddy in on the "game" this morning.
Lilly wanted in on the fun
Hey guys!
It was POURING later on, so Dan took one for the team and took the girls out to play in the rain!
I love this picture!

Lillian lasted about 5 minutes, but Evelyn would have stayed out there all day if we let her!  She was excited to get to wear her rain coat and boots and use her umbrella when it's actually raining!

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