Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Random Pictures

Evelyn making a birthday cake for Amber
Somebody found the pantry
Tinkerbell talking to Daddy on the phone
She told me she was taking a bath
Sweet girl (they played with this box for like a week...why do we have toys?)
Seriously, this kid cracks me up daily.
"Mom - take a picture of me."
Snuggling with Daddy
Lilly just woke up from a nap...
I love little chubby kid fingers and corn on the cob!
This one likes to be naked half the day...this could become a problem in the future
A glimpse into her teenage years...
Fun at Toys R Us with Daddy
It's fun to walk around with a blanket on your head
Sweet girl
Someone got ahold of the blue marker...lovely
Got my ear muffs!
Playing with colors and sound
Going to get the mail...in our rain boots
I'm just ready for bed, guys

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