Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School

Evelyn is in the same Mother's Day Out program this year.  It's a two day a week program that we have been pretty pleased with.  We were happy that she was in the same class as 3 of her friends from last year who we have kept up with over the summer with play dates (the Director may have gotten phone calls if that didn't happen!).  It was amazing to see the difference in her going on the first day last year and the first day this year!
This year she is in the raccoon class
Cheesy picture before we left - she insisted on carrying her own backpack this year, and she COULD!
After school, Amber took her for some frozen yogurt
And then to the pet store - one of their favorites
She also had her first day back to Tippi Toes after a few weeks off. 
Again...insisting on wearing her boots.
Oh geez.

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