Saturday, July 19, 2014

Splash into ONE!

We did a "Splash into ONE!" party for Lillian's first birthday party.  I figured it was going to be insanely hot, and I didn't really want to have to clean my house - twice - so a morning swimming party it was!  We set up 2 pools, a sprinkler, and all of their outside toys around the back yard and started at 10am.  For the first hour, it wasn't too bad - but around 11:15, the melting feeling started to set in!  Ugh...have I mentioned how much I hate Texas and the heat?!
I did cupcakes and a small cake for a smash cake.
I loved this cake - I thought they did such a great job!
Lots of pictures...such a fun party!
Amber and Lillian!

Every birthday girl needs a crown and a Grandad to sit in her pool with

Cake time - let the fun begin!

Grandad helping her get going!'s in my eyes...

This is my absolute favorite Lilly smile - it's the smile she gives when she is either cheesing or completely excited about something.  Love, love, love this picture!

And...let's wash you off in the pool!

Time for presents!
The Olaf towel was her favorite!
Enjoying some lollipops after cupcakes
(sugar 'em up and send 'em home!)
Grammie and Lilly
Sure, kid, it's 105* out - but wrap yourself up in a fleece blanket and eat your lollipop!
Opening gifts from Grammie & Grandad

It was a great party and so much fun to watch her interact with the other kids!  Evelyn had a blast, too...who doesn't love a sugar overload coupled with running around in your swim suit for 2 hours??!  Happy birthday, sweet girl!  (and now your birthday week is officially over...)

{Thanks to my Mom and Amber for the great pictures...I only took about 3 of these!}

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  1. Yay for the birthday post!!! What a great theme Prudence :) I love the pictures. That Lilly is such a the curls in her hair.