Friday, July 18, 2014

Grammie & Grandad's Visit

Grammie and Grandad came to visit for Lillian's birthday party.  It was a rough day for them getting here, but they made it!  As they boarded their flight from Denver to Houston, they found out their flight from Houston to Corpus was cancelled.  Mom texted me about 1 minute before I started teaching, so I told her I would handle it as soon as I was done teaching.  They were flying into Bush Intercontinental, but every flight from there to Corpus was cancelled.  There were two flights from Houston-Hobby to Corpus - one was at 5 and the other at 7:30.  I tried to get them on the 5:00 flight, but it was full, so I booked them on the 7:30 flight and we were praying they could get on the 5:00 one...especially after we found out that the 7:30 flight was delayed by 2 hours.  As they were grabbing something to eat and taking a cab from Intercontinental to Hobby, I called Southwest and was able to get them on the 5:00 flight!  They got to Hobby around 4:00 - and were delayed.  (ugh!)  Fortunately it was only about 30 minutes, so they finally got into Corpus around 6:30.  We took them to dinner at one of my Dad's favorite places - Rudy's.
Lillian enjoyed her first banana pudding!
On Friday, my parents wanted to go to Toys 'R Us so they could get Lillian a gift for her birthday.
Evelyn found her goggles - when I asked her what she was doing, she said she was looking for bugs!
The girls found a princess Mustang
(Evelyn said, "Look!  This one is for me and Lilly!")
Big girl thought she needed to try a big girl bike!
(and actually rode it pretty well!)
Evelyn was thrilled that it rained - she got to get her umbrella and rain boots out!
We went to a restaurant next to the pet store, so we stopped by after lunch.  
The girls love the kitties!
Helping Grammie wake Lilly up from her nap
While the girls napped, Grandad put together a surprise for the girls...
What, guys?  I'm tired...
Dan getting the big sprinkler ball blown up for Lillian's party!

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