Friday, July 4, 2014

God Bless America!

Every year, our church has a 4th of July BBQ and Shoot Out.  Pretty much think Texas...where meat and guns are a way of life.  They have a big grill out, a shooting range set up, and fireworks to end the night.  I was so excited to go last year, I so wanted a picture of me 9 months pregnant shooting a rifle.  But Dan got hand, foot, & mouth the week before so we decided to lay low knowing Lillian was making an appearance any day. 

But this year we got to go!  Evelyn always talks about firecrackers and wanting to see them, but every time we see them, she hates how loud they are.  So we got her some ear protection to block out the noise. 
Ready for the firecrackers!
She insisted on wearing them the entire night...
Here, it was actually necessary to wear them - out at the shooting range!
Dan shooting
Dan and Evelyn getting mauled by mosquitoes helping to pick up the whole clay discs
Pastor Glenn giving me a lesson in how to hold the rifle
(so much fun - I want to go hang out at the shooting range, now!)
The ranch we were at for the cookout was about 30 minutes outside of Corpus.  Around 8:00, the mosquitoes had become pretty much unbearable - especially for poor Lilly, so we decided to head back into town.  We killed some time at a Sonic on the way into town to hopefully time it to see the City of Corpus Christi's fireworks display as we came into town. 
We ended up driving downtown and watched them from the car.
It ended up being a brilliant plan because Lillian just slept, and they were going off right in front of us.  Traffic was pretty much stalled, so we had a great seat.  By the time they were wrapping up, we were out of the downtown mess and headed home!

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