Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Lillian!

Today you have made it one trip around the sun, sweet Lilly!  I can't believe that an entire year has passed since 12:17pm on July 9th.  In many ways, I feel like you get the shaft as the second born, but in many ways, I think you have better parents as the second born.  It's amazing what some confidence can do to your parenting!  This last month of your first year of life was filled with many firsts.  It seems like you learned so much in this past month.  Your two biggest accomplishments were learning to sit on your bottom from your stomach and crawling!  You started crawling on Father's Day and didn't take long to start cruising around everywhere.  For the first few days, you would still get mad when we would walk away from you, but then you figured out that you could crawl to where we were and were so much happier!  One of the funniest things you do is get so intent on crawling somewhere that you forget to raise up your head and see where you are going...then we'll hear you cry because you bonked your head into the couch or wall!  You are definitely starting to push some limits and figure out what your boundaries are.  With that, you are starting to be told "no" more often, and you usually respond with a cute little head nod and a smile on your face.  The good thing is you are starting to understand what "no" means, the bad thing is you hate to be told it.  We started giving you almond milk this month to help your transition from breast milk to cow's milk.  You love it, and actually didn't have any troubles transitioning to cow's milk.  You also pretty much weaned yourself.  I had planned to scale you back over time, but you did it yourself.  One of your favorite things to drink, though, is water - especially if it is from Mommy's camelbak!  When you are thirsty, you usually crawl to wherever you see a water bottle and cry until we figure out that's what you want!  You pretty much eat everything that we do now, just in smaller bites.  You are babbling like crazy now.  You consistently say "dada" and "mama" as well as "wow" and "uh oh" - and you have your own signs to tell us you want your pluggie and to eat.  You also clap anytime someone says, "yay" and raise your hands if we say, "hooray" (or "touchdown broncos!").  You also wave bye-bye when you are done with something (or you blow raspberries), when you are done eating you wave bye-bye with both hands.  To say goodbye to someone, you will usually wave bye-bye about 10 seconds after the person leaves. :-)  It is such a joy to be your parents!  We can't wait to watch you continue to grow into the person God created you to be.  He has given you unique passions, desires, and gifts - and it is our prayer that you learn to walk in those and serve Him wholeheartedly.  He loves you so, as do we!  Happy Birthday, sweet LillyBelle!
The birthday girl having some birthday Cheerios!
Evelyn wanted to make Lilly a birthday cake - so we did while she was taking her morning nap!
Hooray for being one!
Dinner at your favorite restaurant - McAllisters...for the mac-n-cheese!
Time for some birthday presents!
She loved her monkey card from Evelyn

And her new favorite stuffed animal - a frog named Sid
(in honor of Grandad's nickname for her)
Yay for presents!
After presents we had cake!
Big sister really wanted to help!

Oooooo...what's this?

Hooray for cake!

Here Lilly - have some cake!
And cream!  Homemade strawberry ice cream for your first taste!

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