Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our New Ride

We got out the quad for Lilly to try out since she got a new bike helmet for her birthday.  She loved it!  She's not quite steady enough to push the button and go on her own, but she squealed every time Daddy pushed the button to make it go!
Are you guys back there?
Going for a bike ride while we wait for Grammie & Grandad to get back from church to unveil their new ride...
My Mom and Dad got the girls a new jeep.  For the first day, they just climbed on it inside the house and had no idea it actually went places! 
I love Lillian's face and death grip here...this was after the first jolt of Evelyn pushing the gas pedal.
Evelyn just told her, "It's's ok..." (oh dear...)
Evelyn was doing the spurt drive...push the gas, stop, push the gas, stop.  They had gone about 2 feet here.
Starting to get the hang of it!

And we threw a sticker from our church on the back...gotta represent!

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