Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet the Teacher Day

Today was "Meet the Teacher Day" at Evelyn's school.  She was pretty shy at first, she kind of shuffled down the hall, not quite sure what to think or do.  Once she found the kitchen toys, she started warming up, though.  Her teacher seems really nice, and I think Evelyn will probably have an easier time being in school than I will have thinking of her being there!

She is in the "Skunk" class (really?  what a name!).  It's a little surreal to see her name outside of a classroom!
We ended up leaving early because Evelyn has some nasty allergies that have given her a runny nose and lots of sneezes.  I was feeling judged by some of the moms there for letting my 'sick' kid play with theirs, so we left.  They may want to get the memo that their 2 year old is about to embark on the world of kid germs! :-)  It was the first time since Lillian has been born that I have had some genuine one-on-one time with Evelyn, so I didn't want to waste the hour I had with her... I took her to get a donut. :-)
While we were gone, Lillian had her first time alone with Amber.  It's always heartwarming to get a text with this picture from your nanny of your newborn!  We love our nanny! :-)

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