Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy One Month Birthday!

 It's hard to believe that you are already one month old, baby girl!  You are such an easy baby for the most part.  You rarely fuss, and when you do, it's usually because you are bored or hungry.  You are a very good eater and you have been eating around every 2-3 hours around the clock right now.  You will sometimes stretch that to 4 hours overnight.  Your favorite things are eating, sleeping, and pooping.  Boy, can you poop, girl!  For most of this month, you pooped after every feeding.  There are several times that you have gone through two or more diapers in a 5 minute span of time (those cost money, kid!).  Fortunately that has slowed a little as we approached your one month birthday!  You don't mind tummy time too much, unless we leave you there for too long.  Usually you will stay down there for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.  You are lifting your head briefly while you are down there, especially if your big sister is around to entertain you.  Speaking of your big sister, she loves you so much.  She is always concerned when you cry out - she will look at us and say, "oh no!  baby's crying" - or get your pluggie for you.  She likes to hold you and "pet" you and she thinks you are soft ("so soft" she says when she touches you).  She's learning to be more gentle when she tickles you.  Toward the end of this month, she has started to give you kisses when you leave the room and tell you, "I love you, Lillian."  It melts Mommy's heart every time!  Fortunately there hasn't been too much behavioral regression for her as you came along.  She cries more than usual to get our attention, and has started taking off her clothes when she takes a nap, but otherwise has handled the transition pretty well!  These last few days you have really started to focus on faces, rather than looking through/past people.  You also smile randomly, usually while you are nursing or right after you nurse.  You seem to have a sixth sense that alerts you to when Mommy walks in the room because you can be completely content, then I walk in the room and you cry out.  Daddy calls me the milk lady - I'm your current favorite.  You lost your umbilical cord this month.  We were at McDonalds saying goodbye to Evelyn's friend, Isaiah.  Mommy was a little emotional that you lost it there!  Let's be honest, though, Mommy is a little emotional at a lot of things these days.  You are such a content baby, and you stay pretty chill most of the time.  We love you so much and love watching you grow!  Happy one month birthday, sweet Lillian!

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  1. Henry lost his umbilical cord when I was changing his diaper at Target. I had to pull myself together and not dissolve into tears right there in the women's restroom. :-) Ha!