Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sisterly Love

These would be all of the random sister pictures of the girls over the past month...Evelyn loves Lillian - almost too much! :-)  We really have to watch her - she's been known to sit on her (trying to kiss her), tickle her (with a little too much force), pet her (because she's 'so so soft'), and feed her chocolate chips (that was a the time we found it, the chocolate chip was half melted in Lilly's mouth.  I started swiping it out with my finger and the only thing I could think to do with the melted chocolate was eat it myself - can't waste good chocolate, right?  So I sat swiping out her mouth 6-7 times and eating what I got...kind of gross now that I think about it!)
Giving sister kisses
Holding sister's hand
Cheese ball
Lilly has a hat!
Evelyn is obsessed with giving people chiropractic adjustments.  Poor Lilly gets the brunt of it!
You can tell Lillian really likes it! :-)
Check her heart!
Evelyn reading to Lillian
(one of my favorite things to watch)
One day I brought Lillian into Evelyn's room to wake her up from a nap - I laid Lillian down in her crib and waited for her to wake was cute!
Giving baby sister her pluggie
Getting ready for some BRONCOS football!
Kisses for Lilly!

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