Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getting Ready for School

We've been getting Evelyn ready to start "school" in a few weeks.  It's a Mother's Day Out program at a church nearby where she will go for two days a week.  It's not so much a preschool as a social experience for her.  We're excited to get her playing with several kids her age, and to give Amber some one-on-one time with Lillian (aka, a break from two kids!).  They have a designated nap/rest time each day, so Evelyn needed a nap mat.  We wanted to introduce her to it here at home so the idea of napping on it wasn't completely new to her when she got to school. 
Not quite sure how to use it...
Is it a blanket?
Yep - a blanket!
She has since figured it out and did pretty well sleeping on it during her nap time.  She roamed around her room a few days, so hopefully with some peer pressure from the other kids in her class, she'll learn to stay on it! :-)

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