Sunday, September 1, 2013

Random August Pictures

Just doing some reading on the stairs!
One of Lilly's favorite nap spots...the bean bag!
I can't handle the squishyness
Someone likes her new stroller!
Evelyn feeding her friend Isaiah
(She talks about him all the time...come back, Sparks family, we miss you!!!)
Milk drunk
Playing some soccer with Daddy
When you raise a chiro-kid, she thinks she needs to give Mommy an adjustment
Someone thought she needed to be awake two hours early, so she got to cuddle in bed with Mommy
Just doing a little reading...
Evelyn thinks Lillian's toys are hers still
She LOVES Curious George
Too cool for school...
This is Evelyn's set-up in the mornings that Lillian wakes up after her
(movies on the iPad, breakfast, and Bumbo seating)
Six weeks old...
I laid Lillian down to go change Evelyn's diaper and came back to this...guess she was tired!
Evelyn has been in a phase where she wears Lillian's bath towel as a "coat"...she made Amber do it this day!
My sweet, smooshie, girl.
She always smooshes her face into whatever she is sleeping on!
Evelyn's rainy day outfit
Smiley girl!
I think Lillian looks like my younger sister here...

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