Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mommy and Evelyn's Week of Fun!

I was on Spring Break this week, and I loved every single minute of being home with Evelyn full time.  I pretty much left all of my work that I "should" have done over break at the office and only responded to a few "need it now" requests during nap time this week.  It was heavenly.  She and I had such a fun week - I'm looking forward to mid-May when we'll have a month or two together before the baby comes.  Here are some pictures from Mommy and Evelyn's Week of Fun!
Helping Daddy highlight his Bible on Sunday morning
Lunch on Sunday after springing forward for Daylight Savings
Breakfast on Monday before we started running errands!
First stop - Home Depot.
Monday afternoon it was h.o.t. (already - I'm never going to make it to mid-July being pregnant!).  We decided to have some backyard swimming fun.  She loved it!
I love this picture!
Sprinkler fun!
Having a snack
On Tuesday, we went to story time at the library (another thing I loved because I usually don't get to do it with her!), then went to have lunch with Daddy at work.  Tuesday night after we put her down, the nesting craze hit me and I decided to start tackling my list of things to do around the house over break to start getting ready for the baby.  Why do those spurts always hit me at like 9pm?  The good news is, over the course of the week I got the guest room completely cleaned out (which will become Evelyn's room with space for guests to still come visit!), all of the baby stuff down out of the attic, 7 bags of crap for a garage sale up in the attic (for whenever we decide to have said garage sale), our wine rack converted to a craft corner for Evelyn, and a bathroom painted and set up for littles instead of a guest bathroom.  Needless to say, I didn't get MY naps this week like I had planned! :-)

On Friday, Dan only has to work until 3pm, so I redeemed the first half of my Christmas gift from Evelyn...a prenatal massage.  It was awesome.  I'm so glad that I have one more (and a hubby who is letting me get one a month after that until the baby comes!).  This was also the day that I decided to paint the girls' bathroom.  :-)  So by the time I got done with that, and got my massage, it was dinner time and I had nothing started.  We decided to go out for dinner, and Evelyn (finally) ate ice cream for the first time.  Don't get me wrong - we have tried to give it to her numerous times - but she's never liked it.
This night, it was good...
On Saturday, we tried to go to the Aquarium splash park so Daddy could come with us.  It was a little windy off the bay, so Evelyn didn't last too long.  Poor baby was shivering!
But she sure is cute...
Instead, Daddy and Evelyn raked for fossils...
And watched the dolphins...
On Sunday, it was Selection Sunday - a national holiday in our house.  I asked Dan what he wanted for Selection Sunday dinner and he requested pizza. 
I had a little helper to keep Daddy free to watch the brackets unfold.
Her tactic was to eat one, put one on (sometimes a half eaten one...)
I can't remember what we were doing these days, or which days they were I'm just sticking them at the end because they are cute. :-)

So that completely online faculty position in sport psych can come along any day now.  Any. Day.

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  1. Joey and Janice only got a day of fun - and you guys had a whole week!! :-) It looks like you had a blast and accomplished a lot! I want to come visit and see all the changes to the house. And squeeze on Evelyn... And baby Emily. ;-) Miss you guys!