Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Glimpse of Summertime Fun

Last night the nesting bug started to bite, which means I am finally getting around to deep cleaning things I have been meaning to since Christmas break.  First up was the high chair.  We have had Evelyn in a booster at the table since December, so I've been wanting to deep clean the high chair and put it in storage for at least a few months.  Our plan is to get her a small table and chairs set to go in the space where the high chair was for her birthday (and find a new place for the high chair when #2 needs it!).  We took the high chair outside so I could just use the hose and scrub it down.  Evelyn loves pretty much anything with water, so quickly found the running hose.  Here are some pictures of the fun!
 Getting a drink!
 This is my favorite picture from the night - she was so excited!
 While it is much warmer here than where most of you are, it was still a little chilly outside to be playing in the water.  By the time we took her inside, she was shivering!  We got her bundled up and warmed up a little before bedtime!
A glimpse of things to come this summer...I'll probably be joining her to cool off when I'm 8 months pregnant in June and it's already over 100 degrees.  Ugh.

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