Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bye Bye, Pluggie

Last night was the night.  Nothing like using Good Friday, a day we remember Jesus' death, to say goodbye to an almost 2-year old's pluggie.  We decided to go the route of cutting the tip off of it so that she could see that it wasn't working and not really want it any more.  Here's a video of what happened...
Her face was hilarious when she first put it in, I wish I would have had the video running when that happened.  She kept saying, "it's broken" and "doesn't work" and turning it around to try to figure out what was going on.

We went to Build a Bear today and had her put her pluggie inside of the bear (or in her case, little chick) she chose.  Now she can always have it with her.
Giving her chick a kiss
Love this girl!
Putting her pluggie into her chick because she's a BIG GIRL and doesn't need it anymore!
Helping stuff her chick
Love this picture Dan caught!
Putting her her chick's heart
Giving her chick a bath
Picking out clothes for her chick
We ended up settling on some pajamas, since her chick was going to be sleeping with her
Giving her chick a name
Introducing Cheep Cheep, the Chick
She kept sitting Cheep Cheep in her chair with her
Then Cheep Cheep needed a diaper change
Such a good little mommy
She has done surprisingly well without pluggie.  Last night there were no tears, I just heard her say "it's broken" a few times. :-)  At naptime today, she still had the "broken" pluggie with the tip cut off, so she put that in her mouth (after saying "it's broken" a few more times).  It took her a little longer than usual to go down, but she had a good nap still.  Tonight, was a little tougher because the didn't have a pluggie to hold.  When I laid her down, she asked for it, so I reminded her that we put it in Cheep Cheep and Cheep Cheep was laying next to her.  She had a minor meltdown when she got Cheep Cheep's hat stuck around her own legs, and we could hear her say "it's broken" "doesn't work" on the monitor.  It took her a little longer than normal to go down again tonight, but nothing crazy.  I'm hoping she'll have another good night tonight.  I'm really surprised, I was expecting all sorts of tears and heartache.  My little (big) girl is growing up. :-(

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  1. Yay Evelyn! Way to go. Smart move with the build a chick mommy!