Thursday, March 28, 2013

Late March Random Pictures

We have realized the joy of stickers...check out her feet!
Her new favorite thing to do in the mornings is put on my socks...
Daddy and Evelyn building forts with tunnels and castles.
Fun at the park!
Amber has been teaching Evelyn about Holy Week this week and they have had a craft that they did each day (have I mentioned how much we love Amber?!?).  On Monday, they started with Sunday and Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem.  Amber took Evelyn outside about cut off a branch from our palm tree to show her how the people waved the palm branches and shouted "Hosanna!". 
She got some cute videos, too...

This one definitely stuck.  If you ask Evelyn what to say when you wave a palm branch - she shouts, "Hosanna!"
Bringing March Madness into bath time...
I love this outfit of hers, and she's almost outgrown it. 

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