Friday, October 19, 2012

Random Catching Up

Some random acts of cuteness going on in our house these days...
Evelyn has finally gotten over her earlier encounter with pots and pans...this is now her favorite cabinet to get into.
Evelyn usually joins me in the bathroom as I get ready in the mornings.  This particular morning, I put her fake pearl necklace on her.  She usually loves playing with it.
Not so much this morning...
It got better after she yanked it off...
She also likes to crawl in the shower after I get out while I'm getting out and play in the water puddles.
Amber took this video one day when Evelyn was eating her afternoon snack.  This is the best way to eat pudding...stripped down to your diaper.
My favorite is the look she gives Amber in the second one when she starts lapping it up with her tongue.

  Sometimes you just want to turn your bib around and be a superhero.
Evelyn's favorite spot to sit and eat her snacks is the small space in between our couches.  When we are watching Broncos games, she will sit in here for 5-10 minutes, just eating her snack and watching the game.
She has worn this Broncos shirt during the 3 games we have won this year.  She may or may not only wear this shirt from here on out. :-)
She sat up on her 4-wheeler watching for part of the game too.
Unfortunately for her, she missed the best part of this Monday night game - the second half against the Chargers.  Perhaps my favorite 2 quarters of football ever.  I love seeing Phillip Rivers cry.  And I love the Broncos.
Another morning with Mommy getting ready.  Most mornings she isn't up until after I'm ready, but this week she's been an earlier riser.
We pulled out "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" this week.  Her favorite scenes were Linus playing the piano.  We may have a musician on our hands!
This was the first 3-4 minutes of the show, the rest of it she pretty much played through or danced to.
I had a Board of Directors meeting for a professional society that I belong to in Dallas one day.  Fortunately I can take the first flight out of Corpus to make it in plenty of time for the meeting, and catch the early evening flight back to make it home before bedtime.  I didn't get to see my little girl much that day, but at least I got to see her.
Knowing I was having a hard time because Fridays are usually my day home with Evelyn, Amber sent me this picture...
She loves playing with her barnyard fridge toy...especially now that she's learning animals and animal sounds!
Dan was getting some work done, and Evelyn wanted to help.


  1. Love the pudding eating videos! My kids don't like pudding. Isn't that odd?