Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthday Parties and Tailgates

This morning we had a birthday party for one of the girls from our church.  The party was held at the park we usually take Evelyn to that is about a mile from our house.  In a desperate attempt to feel like it is actually fall, we rode our bikes there.  We sweated the whole way - it's still not fall.
Evelyn loved playing with the bubbles
Chasing bubbles
Daddy trying to keep a steady stream coming out...
After the party, we came home for a nap, then headed out to Kingsville with Daddy (he had to work the home football game).  Both times we have gone out to the tailgate festivities, Evelyn has loved it.  She runs around (as much as we'll let her), gets dirty (what kid doesn't like that?), and loves to dance to the music.
Here she is busting out some moves...

And a video of the move busting...
Dan had to work through halftime, so Evelyn and I decided to stay for the game.  Her favorite part was, by far, the marching band.  She liked the game as well, but when the band was on the field - she was clapping and dancing.  'Twas a good time...but nothing like the college football we are used to.  Sigh.  I miss Purdue.
Family self-portrait (Dan and I were trying to get Evelyn to smile)
And the more "normal" shot
Dan had to go down to work with about 5 minutes left in the half.  I knew she would want to see the marching band, so I stayed with her in the stands.  During the last minutes of the half, she managed to get herself stuck in the chair back.  Naturally, I took pictures before I helped. :-)

We had a good time being able to still be together on a home football Saturday - usually we lose Dan for the better part of the afternoon and evening.  It's always so much fun watching Evelyn experience new things, too!

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