Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Fun!

Evelyn and I had such a fun Friday!  We started off the morning with our "Friday French Toast" ritual.  My Mom's french toast was is one of my favorite meals in the entire world.  I don't have any special recipe to share - when people have sent me their favorite french toast recipes, they never stack up - because they aren't my Mom's.  I've always wanted to share something like that with my kids, so I instituted Friday French Toast.

After breakfast, we packed up and headed to the Texas State Aquarium.  Our membership has officially paid for itself now!
This guy was one of Evelyn's favorites today...she followed him around for about 10 minutes!
We pretty much had the dolphin observation deck to ourselves this morning.  We ran around down there for about 30 minutes - and had it to ourselves for about half of that time.  She loved running back and forth, the automatic doors, and climbing the benches and stairs.  I loved that she could run around and be fairly contained!
Watching Shadow and Kai swim around!
Here we are getting ready for the dolphin show.  This is my attempt at being more present in pictures - even though I still hate what I look like in pictures.  Thank you, Allison Tate, for helping me to realize my little girl doesn't care that I still haven't lost my baby weight.
After the dolphin show, we headed to the Splash Park at the aquarium.  She loved it - and has really started to become more independent in public.  I was running all over to keep up with her.  She liked getting stuck in fountains and needing some help getting out, so I think I'll need to wear more water friendly clothes next time we go!
Playing with the fountains
 This was another favorite - the little spinny things that spray water everywhere!
 Splashing in the water puddles
 Just got sprayed in the face
 Video of playing in the fountain
  Let me show you guys some moves!
 In the changing room...look at those tired eyes!
Thank you, Evelyn, for being such a sweet, fun date!  Looking forward to many more fun Fridays!


  1. Awe!!! So fun! Wish you lived closer do we could do stuff like this together.