Friday, April 27, 2012

It's in my Genes...

...taking pictures of someone falling down, tripping, basically anything funny to only the observer, that is.  My Dad was (IS) the king of this.  For example, when we went to Hawaii as a family about 9 years ago, my Mom and sister were kayaking in the ocean.  As they approached the beach, something happened and their kayak overturned - dumping both of them out onto the water/sand.  My Dad, rather than swooping in to help them up or helping to keep the kayak from continuously ramming into them, opted to take pictures of the whole ordeal.  But it's funny - because now we can all laugh about it (and they are laughing in the pictures, so that makes it ok, too). (I can hear them all laughing as they read this as well...years later, it's still funny).
(apologies...this is a scan of a picture in a calendar - this was the pre-digital pictures era)
So it's in my genes.  To see my daughter playing blissfully on top of her little scoot car/ watch her lean forward to play with the fun things on the front - knowing full well she was going to eat it because she would lose her balance.
I'm not a bad mother, really.  One day she'll appreciate it - when she's taking pictures of her kids as they fall on their faces.  And she got right back up.

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  1. I do it too Stacey. I also snap pics of my kids when they do something funny that's naughty. John got stuck wedged between the end of our bed and the footboard once. He was crying and howling and I left him too get my camera and capture the moment before I rescued him. :) M.