Friday, April 13, 2012

Two in Three

We have another urinary tract infection.  This is her second in less than three weeks' time.  Poor baby girl.  

She was pretty fussy on Wednesday morning as I was getting ready to head to work, and that morning Amber texted to let me know she had a low fever.  We started the fever reducers right away, and I went ahead and called to make her an appointment for Thursday morning just in case it didn't pass through the day.  We were planning to head to Houston on Thursday afternoon - I had a Board of Directors meeting for one of my professional organizations there, and Dan had taken Friday off so that he and Evelyn could come with me and we could spend the weekend in Houston.  My plan was to cancel my 9:30 class, but still make it out for my 11:00 and 12:30 classes since her appointment was at 9:00 (the first possible appointment of the day!).  Well...that's not quite how it turned out.
Here we are waiting our turn in the waiting room...
We got in to see Dr. Leshin fairly quickly, and he was fairly certain it was another UTI.  I was too, as everything was the same as before - and I had taped a plastic baggie to her the night before to try to catch her urine.  It was mildly successful, at least enough so that I could see that her urine was pretty cloudy.  I had just changed her diaper before we left, and she hadn't had a lot to drink that morning, so he opted to cath her to get a urine sample rather than wait for her to pee in a bag.

Side note: I absolutely HATE watching her go through that. 

Unfortunately, they couldn't get anything from the cath, so we ended up bagging her anyway and started pushing fluids.  Those of you who have ever been around Evelyn know that if she doesn't want something, she's not taking/doing it.  And she didn't so much want water (Gatorade, Pedialyte, juice....) that morning.  Her nurse kept coming in about every 15 minutes to see if she had urinated, but she hadn't.  After about an hour, I realized I would also be cancelling my 11:00 class, and we were well into Evelyn's normal nap time.
Here we are about 30 minutes later....looooong past nap time.
Poor baby was exhausted, her fever was coming back up, and she's stuck in a doctor's office with a baggie taped to her inside her diaper. :-(  She was so snuggly...and did end up taking a couple 5-10 minute snoozes (between nurse checks for pee).  After two hours, they decided to cath her again - and got nothing, again.  It was awful.  So they put another bag on her and sent us home to come back when she had gone.

We came home and sent Amber home...since I clearly wasn't going to work at all now!  I then gave her a bottle hoping that she would drink that since she was so exhausted (we have actually eliminated her morning bottle...).  Not so much.  She did sleep, though, while I posted my classes' assignments on Blackboard.  She woke up after about 20 minutes, so I checked her diaper/bag.  She had peed (yay!), so we headed back to the doctor's office.  Of course, it couldn't be that easy.  The bag wasn't incredibly full, but there was a good ounce or so in there.  By the time we got into the doctor's office to let her nurse remove the bag, all but like 3 drops (seriously) had leaked out into her diaper.  Fortunately, those 3 drops were enough for them to tell that her urine is infected - it just isn't near enough to tell what bacteria is causing the infection through a urine culture.  So Dr. Leshin started her on another round of antibiotics, and we follow up with both her normal pediatrician 2 days after she finishes her antibiotics.  The bad news (other than having a new UTI) is that they will have to cath her again in that visit to culture that urine to be certain the infection is gone.  Since they weren't able to determine what bacteria is causing the infection, they can't be certain that the bacteria is sensitive to the antibiotics prescribed.  We'll also be following up with her pediatric urologist (probably in May - it's crazy hard to get an appointment with him).  We just hate watching her go through this.

We did make it to Houston...more on that when I can get pictures uploaded. :-)


  1. I am so sorry, Stace! That was awful. :-(

  2. Poor baby! Emily was keeping me informed and I've been praying and will continue to do so.