Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
I am so excited to celebrate your birthday for the first time today!  You are the best Daddy in the world.     
I like to play and wrestle with you.  I like how you sit with me on the stairs to catch me when I try to be too big and climb them.  I like it when you fly me in to Mommy for my massages.
 I like how you take me on bike rides and runs.  I like how you always check the doors to make sure they are locked at night so that we are safe.  I like it when you sing me silly songs.
I like that you tell me and Mommy and we are beautiful.  I like how you make me laugh.  I like it when you read me books.
 I like how you make my baths every night.  I like shooting hoops with you.  I like when you make me laugh, and then be silly again so that I will keep laughing. 
I like swinging with you in the back yard.  I like it when you let the little man tickle me.  I like it when you shoot me like a rocket ship. 
When I grow up, Daddy, I want to meet a boy who is just like you.  You are the most perfect, funny, sweet Daddy.  I love you.  
Happy Birthday, Daddy!
This was Evelyn's birthday present to her Daddy this year...
I had the idea to do this a few months ago.  When it was time to actually take the pictures, of course she decided to strike on naps that day, and Dan decided to come home early from work.  So I was trying to get a non-napping 11 month old to pose for pictures during a window of about 5 minutes while Dan was showering after his run.  It went much better than it could of - but not how I envisioned it going!  If you look closely at the 'Y' picture, you can see she's half crying in it.  I almost put the full on crying melt down picture in, but decided this one was too cute to not include.  This is something I would like to do and update for as long as she will let us.  Dan has it hanging in his office at work now.

It's hard work to not eat and play with paper while my Mom is taking pictures...
I just love this picture...with her "I'm all about Daddy" shirt, being big and trying to climb the stairs.
Happy Birthday, Dan!  We both adore you and love you with everything we are!  I hope you had a wonderful birthday!


  1. She is getting so big. Happy Birthday Dan!

  2. Oh, I just love her! What a sweet post, Stace! And Happy Birthday, Dan!!