Saturday, March 31, 2012

Un-Lazy Saturday

Sitting at breakfast this morning, we realized that we have full weekends for the next few weeks, so we needed to get some yard work done today if it was going to get done!  The biggest thing we needed to do was fertilize the lawn and trees (we have some struggling trees after a couple of drought-filled summers and a number of hard freezes during the 2010-2011 winter).  We got back from Home Deport in time for Evelyn's morning nap, so I put her down while Dan got started.  I figured I could help him with the fertilizer spikes for the trees while he mowed and just keep Evelyn's monitor close by.  I think Dan was happy to have the help because those spikes usually take about an hour to drive in around all of the trees....
until I convinced him to do this...
We have a couple of trees in the back that are either dead or on their last limb.  This one was dead - so I suggested cutting it down/digging it up today.  So his "help" from me turned into an hour long project on it's own.  He hand-sawed it down to the small stump, then dug up most of the rest.  If the second tree doesn't start reviving in the next month or so - I'm pretty sure we'll be finding a chain saw to take care of that one!  And...I might be losing that Wife of the Year title after this.
 Evelyn loved being outside after she woke up!
After a nice family nap in the afternoon, we had some family wrestling with Evelyn. 
She loves being upside down - and I love kissing those squishy legs! :-)
A tiring day...but a good one!  Dan now has lobster arms...I finally have some color on mine! :-)

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