Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Day for Big Girl Things

Evelyn has had a pretty big last couple of days! 
She's full-on crawling now...
She's been sort of scooting and army-ish crawling for the last few weeks, but decided it was time to get busy and really crawl.  Of course, she did this while I was in Austin for a conference :-(, but at least Daddy was home with her to witness it for the first time!  Fortunately she loves her Mama, and crawled for me as soon as I got home!  She was all over the place today - with the red knees to prove it!  (This picture is awful, I know...we'll get some real ones up!)

We also lowered her crib down to a lower setting.  She's mastered sitting up from laying down, and has started pulling herself up on the side of her crib.  She's not quite pulling up to standing, but she'll get to her knees (and then cry because she can't figure out how to get back down!).
A big girl crib for a big (little) girl!
And just because it was cute...a video of Daddy making Evelyn laugh.  She (of course) was laughing so much harder before I started to video..but it's still cute!

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