Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts

Evelyn was introduced to some of our favorite things to do this weekend.  Everyone has told us to utilize this time while she is not mobile to still pick up and go.  I've been wanting to see Pirates of the Caribbean-On Stranger Tides since months before it came out (it's one of my favorite movie series...).  We had plans to go see it with some of my colleagues, but Little Miss E decided to join us 5 days before it came out.  We actually watched the third movie (At World's End) while I was in labor.  On Friday, we decided to give the movies a try, so we packed Evelyn up in her moby wrap and headed to the movies!

Evelyn's first movie!

On Saturday, Evelyn experienced her first Corpus Christi Hooks game.  Anyone of you who have been following us on this blog for a while know that this is one of our favorite things to do in Corpus.  Our friends David and Leah joined us for the monumental occasion.  I did learn that Corpus is way too hot to nurse your child in the restroom of a baseball park (with automatic toilets and no ventilation...), however I did find a nifty little lounge with rocking chairs that worked much better.

Dan, Evelyn, and I at the game

Heading into extra innings

Getting close to eating time again...this game needs to end!

And a short video of trying to get Evelyn into the dancing action between innings!

Today we're experiencing our first "Mommy and Baby are both sick" day.  I was up most of the night with some sort of stomach bug.  She seems to have gotten it today, as she is pretty clingy and I can hear her little tummy rumbling.  She has puked a few times, but she is a puker so I don't know if it's related to not feeling well or just her normal self.  She doesn't have a temp, though, so we'll just lie low at home.  It's a good day for naps and cuddling...and blog updating while she's tucked in her moby snuggling in and sleeping on my chest.  I'm headed that direction soon...

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