Monday, June 6, 2011

Good to be in the House of the Lord

Yesterday was Evelyn's first day to go to church with us!  It felt like we had been gone for months, but it had only been 3 weeks.  Our friends, the Schaubs, also have a newborn - so the four (well, six) of us migrated from the front of the church to the back where we were quite comfy rocking our little ones.  We also had the privilege of serving the Lord's Supper for the first time as a family of three.  I am always humbled to serve in this capacity, and it was extra special to introduce Evelyn to a ministry so dear to my heart in such a sweet way.  It's good to slowly be getting back into our (new) normal routine, although I am looking forward to a quiet week at home this week as well! :-)

My first normal picture with my baby girl 
(by normal I mean not in a hospital gown/just out of the shower/having not showered/etc...)

Sunday evening Dan was found doing what I anticipate will be one of his favorite things to do with Evelyn...watching basketball.  She likes watching the contrasting changes on the TV, which her Dad is convinced is her watching the game intently.  Don't let the half open eyes and drooping head fool you!

Watching hoops with Daddy!

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