Thursday, June 23, 2011

NBA Draft Night

Tonight is the NBA Draft, one of Dan's favorite nights of the year.  I learned this the first year we were dating and I called while it was going on.  When I asked him a question that required more than a yes or no answer and received a yes as an answer, we got into our first fight because he wasn't paying attention to our conversation.  His excuse of watching the NBA Draft wasn't one of his better excuses for ignoring me. :-)  Of course, I now take every opportunity that I can to remind him of this momentous occasion every year when the draft comes around!

I tried to get some shots of Evelyn for her Dad...they weren't the best because I was trying to take the picture, keep her upright, and keep the ball next to her at the same time!

She kept trying to eat the basketball...

We enjoyed watching Boilermaker JuJuan Johnson be drafted in the first round (drafted by New Jersey, traded to Boston) - and E'Twaun Moore was just selected by Boston as well...we may become quasi-Celtics fans now!  Evelyn was known as E'Twaun Robbie until we found out she was a girl.  She's probably glad she was a girl (much like I was when I found out my Dad wanted to name me Cleatus).

In other news, here's what she and I did this afternoon...I had some grading to do, and she wanted to be held.  So I propped her on my chest with my laptop on my lap.  She fell asleep and I didn't have the heart to move her - so we worked like this for a couple of hours!  

Precious moments I'm going to miss...this is going way too fast!!!

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