Friday, June 24, 2011

The Best Bag Ever

Now I'm not exactly an experienced mother, but I do know bags.  I am the kind of girl that has to completely avoid the purse/bag section of Target because I can't walk away without buying a new bag (usually only slightly different than one I already have...but I somehow convince myself I need it).  When I originally chose our diaper bag, I picked it because it looked like it had lots of space and pockets, it was black and quasi-manly (for Dan), and it was cute.  It lasted about 2 weeks before I started looking for something new because I HATED it.  The pockets on the outside didn't zip, so everything fell out, and it was super bulky when you put barely anything into it.

Enter, my new favorite bag ever.  Armed with my new super-Mom knowledge, I started searching online and in stores for the perfect diaper bag, and I found it...

...the Columbia Outfitter!
Don't let the simplicity of the picture fool you, this diaper bag is the bomb!  It is super light weight and not bulky (even with a million I'm still a new Mom and think I need to take everything with us things in it).  It also expands, which will be great when we use it for traveling cross-country.  It has tons of pockets - all with either zippers or velcro - and with the changing pad, there's a "messy bag" to keep messy diapers when there's no where to trash them, and an insulated pocket on the side for a bottle...or for the breastfeeder in all of us, a camelback for Mommy.  It also has a snap closure that lets you attach it to the stroller handle without having the bag hanging down and banging into your shins!  Seriously, the best bag ever.

This concludes my first Mommy blog coupled as a product advertisement. :-)

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  1. Where were you when I was doing this several months ago! I'm all about the bag/diaper bag! :) We got Narron the diaper dude which is nice, but very dudeish...not girlish...:) I found one finally, but this looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!!! Sus